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Mature Mobile Platforms

Mobile local, mobile retail, and mobile social are still young, but are already producing significant commercial results for early adopters. Both mobile local search and mobile retail are already generating over $1bn US per year for Google, eBay, and Amazon. This illustrates that a mature mobile marketing platform will deliver significant revenues that can immediately rival those of online.  The Senscraft mission is to assist our customers in successfully spring-boarding into the mobile commercial space. If your company has yet to adopt mobile, or has dabbled with a few apps, but has yet to see a significant return, Contact us today to discuss our unique approach.

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Mobile Local

With local reported at between 40% and 60% of all mobile search in the US, Mobile Local has already become a gold mine for search advertising. Google reported that 10% of their revenue in 2011 came from their mobile channel, and that this figure was in excess of $1bn US.

As mobile data is increasingly adopted by consumers in countries across the world, mobile local will add important local advertising revenue streams. Click hear to see how Senscraft has helped its customers achieve results in Mobile Local.

Mobile Retail

Mobile is clearly demonstrating that it is a powerful channel for retail. Both eBay and Amazon have reported revenues in excess of $2bn US from their mobile channels. These types of figures can only be achieved by mature mobile platforms that scale well across mobile devices and operating systems, as well as across countries.

The companies that have demonstrated success with m-commerce have distinguished their approach with complete mobile marketing platforms that provide the tools needed to optimize the commercial call-to-action. Click here to read more.

Mobile Social

Social is key to a successful mobile local search advertising or retail activity. Indeed, social is the new channel distribution tool, and allows consumers to pass the message about the services and products you sell.

In addition, social is an increasingly important element to driving SEO. Social cues such as likes, discussions, and user-generated content of all types is mission critical — and mobile is a powerful channel for providing this. Click here to learn more about how the Senscraft platform can deliver off-the-shelf mobile social for you.